Lyric Status

I like to take song lyrics as statuses. They help me sum up how I'm feeling over a few days or weeks while sharing music.

Current Status

Past Statuses

  1. 🕊️ Handmade Heaven
    • Set 2/9/19, Marina's “Handmade Heaven”
  2. Backup makeshift life
    • Imogen Heap's “Wait it Out”
  3. 🌳 Forming empires in the shade of trees
    • Lights's “Running with the Boys” (Midnight Machines version)
  4. 🍃 Bad ideas, ay / I know where they lead
    • Set 8/24/19, Tessa Violet's “Bad Ideas”
  5. I’m stayin' up too late just so I can stay awake
    • Set 11/23/19, Tessa Violet's “Bored”
  6. 💤 You think that I could sense a trend
    • Set 11/25/19, Tessa Violet's “Bored”
  7. 👻 Good at overthinking with my heart / How you even think it got this far?
    • Set 12/19/19, Ariana Grande's “needy”

I didn't log all of them when I was first starting to do this, so I might have missed some and don't have the dates of some others.