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Welcome! I teach online classes about game development and staying motivated on long-term projects (part of a series called Get Going in Game Development, #GGGD). I explain concepts the way I would want to learn them, leading my students to leave reviews like this one from Mach Maro:

“Before this class, I would copy and paste simple movement commands, and having gone through this, I understand the simple concepts behind it all.”

There are two ways to take my online classes. Prospective students can enroll in my class with Skillshare Premium (and also have access to thousands of other folks’ classes), or they can support me on Ko-fi, where I provide access links for my classes to my supporters and bonus content. Both also gain access to exclusive channels on my Discord channel, where I post some early sneak peak content and answer any questions about my classes.

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Make a Moving Player for a Top-Down Game or RPG with Godot
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