A digital garden and a second brain

These ideas sometimes seem at odds. A garden suggests curation, but brains aren’t curated (at least, mine isn’t!). But by building this space as both a digital garden and a second brain, I am (hopefully) reducing overhead and eliminating some of the difficulty of adoption. The end result treats meta-notes like these (and evergreen notes) the same way it treats random thoughts about worlds I’d like to build. That kind of makes sense—it’s a lot more like how my brain works, I guess.

And maybe the garden part of all this has less to do with how I curate this content and more to do with how I make it and share it:

digital gardening is not about specific tools – it's not a Wordpress plugin, Gastby theme, or Jekyll template. It's a different way of thinking about our online behaviour around information – one that accumulates personal knowledge over time in an explorable space. Maggie Appleton’s history and contextualization of digital gardens

It’s about behavior: by writing my unpolished thoughts here for my own benefit and connecting them using the magic of hyperlinks, I fall into a pattern that creates a space primed for wandering and exploration.