About this stranger

I’m Isaac Blake, a pretentious high school student, lover of nature, and computer nerd. I plead guilty to spending far more time alone than with other humans.

I have a passion for nature and love to spend hours outside each day in dreamland. State and national parks give me sustenance, and I visit them whenever I can.

I also have a passion for open source and permissive licenses; I believe the future of software development lies therein.

Messing with computers has been a longstanding hobby for me; I’ve been playing with HTML and JavaScript since I was 11. This site is hosted on GitHub Pages, stemming from the Jekyll Now theme with a few changes to layout and CSS. I have experience running various kinds of servers, from Java (Minecraft) to PHP on Apache and NGINX. I’ve also created my own game servers in Python.

Since visiting Iceland in the summer of 2016 and exploring Icelanders’ creative uses of geothermal energy, I have been inspired to further develop the ways new technology can help us preserve our natural world. I plant to pursue a career in Environmental Sciences to learn more about this exciting field.

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